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Abha, 'Asir, Saudi Arabia

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Abha is a city located in the 'Asir region of Saudi Arabia. With a population of around 1 million, it is known for its pleasant climate and scenic beauty, which make it a popular tourist destination. The city is located at an altitude of over 2,200 meters, which gives it a unique climate, different from that of other regions in the country. The people of Abha are known for leading a relatively relaxed lifestyle, with a focus on family, socializing, and enjoying nature.

The food in Abha is known for its unique blend of flavors, influenced by the region's history and geography. As the city is located in the mountainous 'Asir region, many of its traditional dishes are made using locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. One of the most popular dishes in Abha is called Kabsa, which is a rice dish that is cooked with a variety of spices, including cardamom, saffron, and cinnamon. It is usually served with chicken or lamb, and sometimes with vegetables. Another popular dish is called Margoog, which is a soup made with vegetables and meat, and is typically served with bread.

One of the most popular drinks in Abha is called Qahwa, which is a traditional Arabic coffee. It is made by roasting and grinding coffee beans, which are then brewed in a pot with water and sometimes cardamom or other spices. Qahwa is often served with dates, which are a staple food in the region. Another popular drink is called Sharbat, which is a sweet fruit drink made with sugar, water, and fruit juice. Some of the most common fruits used in Sharbat include mango, apricot, and pomegranate.

In addition to traditional dishes, Abha also has a range of international restaurants, offering everything from Indian and Pakistani food to Italian and American cuisine. The city has a bustling night market, where locals and tourists can enjoy street food and drinks until late at night. It is also common for families and friends to gather in homes or public parks for picnics and barbecues, especially during weekends and holidays.

The typical meal times in Abha are similar to those in other parts of Saudi Arabia. Breakfast is usually a light meal, consisting of coffee or tea, bread, and some type of spread, such as honey or jam. Lunch is the main meal of the day and is usually eaten around midday. Dinner is often a lighter meal, eaten in the evening after sunset. In addition to these meals, many people in Abha enjoy snacks throughout the day, such as nuts, dried fruits, and sweets.

Overall, Abha is a city known for its unique blend of flavors, influenced by its geography and history. The people of Abha enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, with a focus on family, socializing, and enjoying nature. The city's food and drink culture reflects this, with a range of traditional and international dishes, as well as a variety of drinks to suit every taste. Whether you are a tourist visiting Abha or a local resident, the city's food and drink scene is sure to leave a lasting impression.