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Ambato, Tungurahua, Ecuador

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Ambato is a city located in the Tungurahua province of Ecuador, in the central Andean region of the country. It has a population of approximately 330,000 inhabitants and is known for its vibrant culture and delicious cuisine.

The people of Ambato lead a relatively relaxed lifestyle, with many enjoying the city's beautiful parks and plazas during the day. However, the city also has a lively nightlife, with many bars and clubs open late into the night.

In terms of food, Ambato is famous for its traditional dishes, many of which are made with local ingredients and reflect the city's rich culinary heritage. One of the most popular dishes is Fanesca, a hearty soup made with 12 grains and legumes, including corn, beans, lentils, and peas. It is typically served during Holy Week, and is often garnished with fried plantains, hard-boiled eggs, and cheese.

Another popular dish in Ambato is Hornado, a slow-roasted pork dish that is typically served with potatoes, mote (a type of corn), and llapingachos (potato cakes stuffed with cheese). The pork is first marinated in a mixture of garlic, cumin, and sour orange juice, before being slow-roasted over wood for several hours.

For those with a sweet tooth, Ambato is also known for its delicious desserts. One of the most popular is the traditional Tres Leches cake, which is made with three types of milk (condensed, evaporated, and whole), and topped with whipped cream and fruit.

In addition to these traditional dishes, Ambato is also home to a variety of street food vendors, selling everything from empanadas (stuffed pastries) to churros (fried dough pastry) to helados de paila (a type of ice cream made with fresh fruit and ice).

When it comes to drinks, Ambato has a variety of refreshing options to choose from. One of the most popular is Chicha, a fermented corn drink that is often flavored with fruit or spices. It is typically served cold and is a popular drink during festivals and celebrations.

Another popular drink in Ambato is Colada Morada, a sweet, fruity beverage made with black corn flour, fruits like pineapple, strawberries and naranjilla, and spices like cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. It is typically served during the Day of the Dead celebrations in November.

Ambato is a city rich in culture and culinary traditions. Its relaxed lifestyle and vibrant nightlife make it a great place to enjoy traditional dishes like Fanesca and Hornado, as well as a variety of street food and sweet treats. And with refreshing drinks like Chicha and Colada Morada, there's always something delicious to quench your thirst.