Typical Dish

Bhalswa Jahangir Pur, Delhi, India

Bhalswa Jahangir Pur is a neighborhood located in the northwest of Delhi, India. It is a densely populated area, with a population of around 190,000 people. The area is a mix of residential and commercial buildings, and it is known for its lively atmosphere and bustling streets. The people living here lead a stressful life due to the fast-paced nature of the city, but they also find time to relax and enjoy the various delicacies the city has to offer.

Food is an integral part of Delhi's culture, and Bhalswa Jahangir Pur is no exception. The neighborhood is home to a diverse range of restaurants and street food stalls that offer a variety of delicious dishes. Here are some of the most popular food and drinks available in Bhalswa Jahangir Pur.

1. Chole Bhature - Chole Bhature is a popular North Indian dish that is a staple in Delhi's cuisine. It is made from boiled chickpeas (chole) and deep-fried bread (bhature) made from refined flour (maida). The dish is often served with pickles and onion rings.

2. Aloo Tikki - Aloo Tikki is a popular street food in Delhi. It is made from mashed potatoes, peas, and spices, which are shaped into patties and then fried. The crispy tikki is served with mint chutney and tamarind chutney.

3. Butter Chicken - Butter Chicken is a popular non-vegetarian dish that originated in Delhi. It is made by marinating chicken in a mixture of spices, yogurt, and butter, and then cooking it in a tomato-based gravy. It is served with naan or rice.

4. Lassi - Lassi is a popular yogurt-based drink that is a refreshing drink during the hot summers. It is made from yogurt, water, and sugar, and is often flavored with fruit, such as mango, strawberry, or rose.

5. Kulfi - Kulfi is a frozen dairy dessert that is similar to ice cream. It is made from milk, sugar, and flavorings such as cardamom, saffron, and pistachio. Kulfi is traditionally served on a stick, and it comes in various flavors.

6. Dahi Bhalla - Dahi Bhalla is a popular street food in Delhi that is made from lentil dumplings that are soaked in yogurt and topped with tamarind chutney, mint chutney, and spices.

7. Chai - Chai is a popular hot beverage in Delhi that is made from black tea leaves, milk, sugar, and spices such as ginger and cardamom. It is a staple drink in Delhi's culture and is often served with biscuits or snacks.

8. Samosa - Samosa is a popular street food in Delhi that is made from a triangular-shaped pastry filled with spiced potatoes, peas, and other vegetables. It is deep-fried until crispy and is often served with mint chutney and tamarind chutney.

9. Gol Gappe - Gol Gappe, also known as Pani Puri, is a popular street food in Delhi that is made from crispy shells filled with spiced potato, chickpeas, and a tangy tamarind water. It is a perfect snack to beat the heat during summers.

10. Paratha - Paratha is a popular North Indian flatbread that is made from wheat flour, water, and ghee. It can be stuffed with a variety of fillings, such as potatoes, paneer, or cauliflower, and is often served with yogurt or chutney.